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Out come the veggs!

Out come the veggs!

“This tastes better than the real thing” said two separate people on two separate occasions. Thanks Big Red and Dave!

“Please take this as a compliment”, said another friend. “I don’t normally eat eggs and I can’t eat this because it tastes too real”.

400ml soy milk
6tbsp corn flour
¾ tsp black salt

  1. Put all in a pot.

  2. Cook stirring with a whisk until thickened. You’ll know its ready when the bubbles formed due to the whisk start to dissapear. Turn heat off immediately.

  3. Pour in to silicone egg mold and refrigerate.

  4. Once set, scoop out a space for the yolk with a melon baller

¼ cup cooked and mashed potato
2 tsp nutritional yeast
¾ tsp black salt
¼ tsp tumeric

  1. Combine and put in already made and set egg whites.

  2. When serving veggs, season top with a little more black salt.


  • If you want a runnier yolk, just add soy milk.

  • For an eggier kick, sprinkle some additional black salt just before serving

  • Go nuts with your veggs! Make a brekky burger, ramen or eggs on toast.