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300ml soy milk
400ml can of coconut cream
2 vanilla beans
1 tbsp vanilla bean paste
150g maple syrup
approximately 3/4 cup fruit mince mix

  1. Pour soy milk and coconut cream in to a 1 litre jug

  2. Cut vanilla pods in half lengthways and scrape out the seeds with a teaspoon. Add to jug.

  3. Add vanilla paste and maple syrup and stir with fork until evenly mixed.

  4. Pour in to your ice cream machine and churn for approximately 60 minutes.

  5. In the last ~15 minutes, slowly add the fruit mince mix and finish churning.

  6. Put in a container and set in freezer until ready to enjoy.

You can rinse your vanilla bean pod, dry it and keep it in your caster sugar.
I’ve served this ice cream with some left over fruit mince pie pastry for that extra mmmmm….